How do I order?

  • Contact me though the webform with a description of what you would like including size and images if possible. I will reply with the price and timeframe to complete 

What images can I put on a panel?

  • I can draw nearly anything and we can create a panel together from your photos, images and ideas.

How does designing a personalised panel work?

  • Together we will decide what photos or other images to include in your panel
  • I will create a drawing of the panel after I am sure what you would like me to make and email it to you for your approval
  • I will then send options of glass that work with the image or suit the colour theme you choose. 

How do I pay?

  • For panels costing less than £100 full payment is taken at the start of the project before design work starts.
  • For panels costing over £100, 50% deposit is taken before design work starts. You will be kept up to date with frequent photos and emails. The final 50% payment is due once the panel has been completed.
  • Payment is by BACS but please ask if you would like to pay by a different method
  • Your panel will be posted once full payment has been made. 

How long does a personalised panel take to make?

  • This is dependant on the size, complexity and my current waiting list. Usually about 4 weeks, but I will inform you when you first contact me of the time your order will take to make.

How do I display the panel at home?

  • Each panel has copper loops on the back and comes with a basic hanging kit which includes strong transparent line and hooks for your window frame.
  • I also can provide a range of wooden displays stands. Please just ask me for prices and sizes
  • Panels can be permanently installed in windows but advice on doing this will need to be discussed, so please contact me